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Equipment installation

Vertikal Vortex Separator


Production and treatment of natural gas:
— at gas-liquid mixture pre-collection sites; in treatment for separated gas-and-liquid transport up to destinations of subsequent disposal or recycling;
— in gas treatment using low-temperature separation procedure (LTS);
— in gas treatment using absorbent procedures as high-performance primary separators; at that taking into account small dimensions the separator units can be integrated in a single complex (shop). For screening dispersed liquid at the outlet of the gas treatment facility;
— at booster compressor stations (BCS) to protect compressor equipment;
— for high-performance separation of raw gas having high liquid phase contents at the final stage of gas and gas-condensate field development;
— in the mobile compact plants for gas treatment at small fields;
— as a second stage separator in surveying mobile separation facilities (MSF) to do examinations of gas and gas-condensate fields.

Oil production and field treatment:
— in oil treatment plants as separators of various stage separations of associated petroleum gases;
— as a second stage separator, in research plants to determine formation fluid composition.

Main pipeline transport and gas distribution:
— at linear compressor stations (CS), in gas treatment shops, as a slug catcher, dust and dispersed liquid separator;
— at gas distributing stations (GDS, АGDS), as a dispersed liquid separator to prevent entering of liquid phases into low and middle pressure gas networks.

Fuel gas field treatment for power stations:
— fuel gas treatment for power station, which operate directly at fields to supply electric power required for development and operations of

At any productions, when cleaning of gas (air) from liquid and solid impurity, for obtaining single-phase gas flow.