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Equipment installation

Mobile Separation Facility (MSF)

psu To perform high-performance operations of gas-condensate field wells it is necessary periodically to do examination in order to obtain predictions for wells production flow and quantity of produced raw material. Periodic examinations allow to select the optimum mode of well operations, or to take decision to stop operations due to economic non-productivity. Taking into account periodic nature of gas-condensate field (GCF) wells examination as well as required providing collection and processing of data concerning large number of gas productive sites arranged on vast areas, the mobile separation facility (MSF) was developed and manufactured.

The mobile separation facility is delivered as a unit of operational compatibility, poses the set of equipment, which provides separation of the multiphase flow containing gas, gaseous condensate, water and solid impurities.

On request of Customer the MSF can be equipped with the following parts:

— first stage of separation (gravity-type separator GS);
— second stage of separation (high-performance separator of VVStype);
— auxiliary vessel for collection and degassing of gas condensate;
— all required instrumentation;
— all required shutoff and regulating valves;
— APCS (automatic process control system) of high level as a protected portable operating station;
— mobile flare unit;
— truck trailer equipped with four legs to transfer the MSF in fixed operating position; it is also equipped with separation units, shutoff and regulating valves, and instrumentation and APCS as well;
— electric generators, which completely provide electric power consumed by the facility.

«Circulating systems» Сo., ltd assumes obligations to perform installation supervision and commissioning work at the site of MSF operations.