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Equipment installation

Jet Blower Ejector


stapp Application:
— circulation production at aerodynamic and ejector flue gas ducts;
— for returning low-pressure gases in processing at gas treatment and processing plants;
— vacuum production at rectifying columns, reactors, evaporators, refining systems and at other industrial equipment;
— preparation and well pumping of fine foam and hydro-suspended ballast;
— evacuation and disposal of flare gases from well separators;
— evacuation and transit of associated gas, gaseous and gas-water mixtures;
— disposal of hydrocarbon vented vapors from oil and petroleum storage tanks;
— water treatment units of the formation pressure maintenance system to evacuate oil from the wastewater treatment units, and as a part of the oil and gas treatment units to evacuate gas from the final stage;
— evacuation of oil and gas from wells, which resume flowing at wellhead pressure decrease;
— drilling using aeration of washing liquid;
— as a disperser when pumping polymeric compounds in the formation;
— well development and prolongation of flush operating mode;
— at booster pump station for joint oil pipeline transport of oil and gas.