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Equipment installation

Gravity-Type Separator

sg Production and treatment of natural gas:
— at gas treatment plants as flare separators;
— as a pre-separator of gas-liquid mixture of wells to treat for the separate transportation of gas and liquid to destinations of subsequent disposal and recycling;
— in gas treatment using low-temperature separation procedure (LTS), as a first stage separator;
— at field booster compressor stations (BCS) in order to protect compressor equipment against dropping moisture and solid impurities;
— for separation of raw gas having great liquid phase contents, at the final stage of development of gas and gas-condensate fields;
— in mobile compact plants for gas treatment at small fields;
— as a first stage separator of research mobile separation facilities (MSF) to perform examinations of gas and gas-condensate fields.

Production and field oil treatment:
— at oil gathering stations as a slug catcher;
— at oil treatment plants as separators of petroleum associated gases;
— as a first stage separator at research plants to determine formation fluid composition.