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Equipment installation

Filtering Equipment Used for Fine Gas Cleaning

filter Natural gas treatment for transport:
— at field booster compressor stations (BCS) to protect compressor equipment against dropping moisture and solid impurities;
— in gas treatment using absorbent procedures to trap dispersed liquids at the outlet of the gas treatment plant;
— for natural gas fine cleaning prior to supplying to the gas-turbine power station;
— for protection of the processing equipment, which is most sensitive to fine aerosols and solid impurity entered;
— for cleaning of formation pumped natural gas from compressor oils taken from the piston compressors of underground gas storages (UGS);
— for preventing glycol losses in gas drying plants.

Production and field treatment of oil:
— for cleaning of associated petroleum gas at fields;
— for cleaning of motor fuels from solid impurities and water;
— for cleaning of transported oil products from solid impurities and condensate at the pump stations of main pipelines;
— for preventing amine and glycol losses at recovery sites;
— for cleaning glycols from compressor oils, solid impurities and water.

Field treatment of waste waters:
— treatment of industrial waste waters to provide conformity with sanitary standards.