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Equipment installation

Degassing Equipment

degas Production and treatment of natural gas:
— at condensate treatment plants to stabilize gas condensate;
— at gas processing facilities for degassing of water-methanol mixture and hydrocarbon liquid;
— at glycol recovery units for degassing of glycol solutions;
— for separation of raw gas having high liquid phase contents at the finish stage of development of gas and gas-condensate fields;
— at pre-gathering facilities of well gas-liquid mixture in the case of treatment for separate gas and liquid transportation to destinations of subsequent disposal or recycling.

Production and field treatment of oil:
— at oil-gathering stations, as a slug catcher;
— at oil treatment plants, as stabilizers for degassing of non-foaming oil and cleaning of associated gas;
— at drilling sites for degassing of drill mud;
— for gas separation and discharge free water from oil emulsion;
— for receipt, storage and output of liquid and gaseous products under high pressure.

At various production facilities to remove liquid dissolved gas from this liquid.