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Equipment installation

Circulating system (CS)

The circulating system of drilling rig is intended for the preparation, the cleaning, regulating of properties and circulation of the drilling mud, which ensures the removal of the drilled out rocks and bringing power to the bottom hole engine and the gouge. The ground-based part of the circulating system can be broken into the subsystem of forcing and feed control of drilling mud and the subsystem of preparation, cleaning, regenerating and regulating of the properties of the drilling mud.

The first subsystem includes drilling pumps, support centrifugal pumps, receiving capacity and binding of the suction and pressuring lines of pumps.

For storing the liquid in the circulating system (CS),several vessels with rectangular cross section are provided, they are connected together by pipes, through which the fluid will pass of one vessel into another. Each of the similar vessels has hatchways for removal of sediment and section of the solution conduit in the form of chute. Hydraulic and mechanical mixers are used for maintaining the mobility of drilling mud. Common propeller type are used with mechanical mixers having power of 4 and 8 kW. Hydraulic mixers work from the centrifugal or piston pumps and are the submerged under the level caps, directed at different angles toward each other.

block_input_big 1 – vessel 30-40 m3
2 – mixer PL-7,5
3 – hydraullic mixer
4 – counter of illumination
5 – enclosure
6 – control panel

The second subsystem is intended for implementation of the following technological operations: the preparation of the basis of drilling mud in the form of water-clay suspension, solar oil - bitumen mixture or oil-water emulsion; increasing the weight of the drilling mud; regulation and the stabilization of the properties of the solution with the aid of the chemical reagents; cleaning of the fluid by removing drilled out rocks and gas from drilling mud.

In connection with the general use of powder-like materials (clay powders, barytes and others) widely adapt during the preparation of suspensions and the increasing weight blocks of the preparation of drilling mud of the type BPR.

Cleaning the drilling mud as one of the most important operations in contemporary boring, on which substantially depends the effectiveness of entire process of the building of bore holes, are made in diverse variants. It should be noted that depending on depths and geological-geographical conditions, the number of elements in the diagram can vary. For removal of the drilled out rocks of the increased by weight drilling mud, special installations are used like the cleaning blocks.

block_clearing_big 1. Vessel with volume of 30-40 m3
2. Decontaminator
3. Vibrating sieve
4. Sand separator
5. Silt separator
6. Pumps for sludge
7. Mixer with blades
8. Body shelter

Structural blocks of a CS are made in accordance with transport dimensions and the transportation of vessels and attached equipment is produced large-block without the dismantling. All the equipment established on the separate rigid frame is connected with the equipment of capacities (sludge pumps, and vacuum pump) by quick-connecting fittings and the high-pressure hoses. Power electrical equipment cabinet are made by separate module or build it in the end of the block of preparation. For the connection of electric power supply it is necessary to only bring power cable and to verify the phasing.

block_sborka_big 1. Vessel with volume of 40 m3
2. Decontaminator
3. Sieve-hydro cyclone separator
4. Mixer [PLM]-7,5
5. Pumps for sludge
6. Body shelter

CS can be supplied without the shelter, with the tent or with the rigid shelter, performance usual or northern with the double heated walls and the heating.

Composition CS is determined by the agreement with the customer, after filling of questionnaire.