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Equipment installation

«Circulating systems» Сo., ltd

«Circulating systems» Сo., ltd specializes in the development and introduction of the oil-and-gas equipments. High qualification of the staff and its creative approach allow reaching maximum efficiency at minimal expenses. Using modern technologies, we make the equipment s less expensive those analogues on the market.

Company «Circulating systems» constantly works upon the enlargement of the assortment of products, cost reduction and improvement of the quality of the equipments produced.

Our company meets the production deadlines and fulfill the orders in metal wares of our customers, no efforts ,energy are spared to meet high quality standard:

The equipment made by our enterprise, successfully works in the gas processing, oil refining, chemical, food, medical, radio transferring, building, road and other industries.

The enterprise has qualified (certified ASTST) experts in the field of welding (manual arc, semi-automatic welding in environments of protective gases and under a flux).

Our enterprise is one of the oldest in the city of Krasnodar and Krasnodar territory.

We treat each and every order from our customers with great respect and provide with qualified answers with prices and leading time for manufacture.